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Indian Entrepreneur Ready to Take on Facebook

Indian Entrepreneur WorldFloat ready to take on Facebook, Twitter I read this news in the morning today and was proud to find out that one of our Indian entrepreneur is ready to challenge the world with...
Follow your dreams and the universe

Why Following your own Dreams is not Selfishness?

DO YOU DREAM OF:  Giving up your job and doing something worthwhile with your life? Travelling around the world, either for a few months every year, or for an extended period? Dropping out of the rat...
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Top 5 Wealthiest Indian Entrepreneurs in 2012

On account of change in policies and reforms, we see a rise in the combined wealth of the Indian Entrepreneurs to $250.6 billion in 2012. The year closed with 61 billionaires compared to a figure of 57...
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5 Killer Tips on Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Apart from being innovative and thoughtful, you need to have certain additional traits which will help you in becoming a successful entrepreneur. I have seen many entrepreneurs becoming successful as these...

Successful Entrepreneur Stories – Warren Buffet Buys Heinz

One of the successful entrepreneur stories that I regularly follow is of a man who is respected the world over for his business sense and professionalism. Warren Buffett is one of those amazing CEOs,...
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List of Top 5 Inspiring Entrepreneurs In India

The other day I was thinking of making my list of entrepreneurs in India who has changed the face of how we do business today. To tell you frankly,  this list of top 5 entrepreneurs wasn’t an easy...
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