Top 5 Learnings from the most Successful Entrepreneur of all Times – Steve Jobs

  • k.M Mogosetsi


    to me, the biggest challenge that many of us face is that of low self esteem and believing that we are capable. just as Mr Jobs said, we dont have to go to rich schools and have wealthy parents inorder to make in life. success is all in the mind. you and i have the ability to change the world

    i am an ambitious, self-motivated 18 year old. i have a great business idea, but my fear has always been what if it will never work. i sometimes become discouraged by my peers, friends and even my mother. i know it in my heart that my idea is multi-billionared. i believe it in my heart, that altough people may laugh at me about my bbusiness ideas, one day they’ll look up to me. its not about the money, rather the perseverence and the hope that some day i will inspire someone else to believe in themselves the way that i’ve been inspired by this particular article and many others to believe that i have the ability to change the world.

    thank you, to Steve Jobs and many other success enterpreneurs,for the motivation.

    kind regards
    Ms K.M Mogosetsi
    (south africa)

    • Amit Bhagria


      If you have an idea and you are convinced that it will work, then don’t fear and never think what others are going to think about it. As you rightly said, many people laugh out when they don’t understand the potential of an idea. People laughed when Steve Jobs told them about the Iphone (a phone which will respond to your touch), people laughed when Sam Walton talked about an organized retail business. Some may understand (like me :) ) while some may laugh like your friends,relatives but then that should not demotivate you from pursuing your own dreams.

      All the best!!!


  • Ajit Singh

    Dear Amit,
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    • Amit Bhagria

      Hi Ajit,

      Thanks for the offer. I would be glad if you are including my article for your magazine. Just a small request if you can provide a link of the article so that people can get to know about my site.

      Thanks again,


  • Beeingsocial

    Steve jobs can be undoubtedly termed as the god of entrepreneurs , his passion for work and dedication for perfection was the best

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